Shape provides all of the necessary processes and capabilities to manufacture and assemble components for various applications throughout the world. To service your global production needs, Shape employs a diverse network of manufacturing facilities and strategic alliances.

For more than 40 years, Shape has been an industry leader in advanced custom roll forming. Shape’s specialty lies in high volume continuous feed roll forming of advanced high strength steel. Roll forming provides inherent economic advantages over other metal forming processes by integrating in-line processes that eliminate the need for secondary operations, which add cost and time to the manufacturing process.

As an injection molder, Shape is focused on bringing you a full range of services under one roof. By utilizing the latest technology and equipment including CAE, large-tonnage two-shot presses, cavity pressure control, robotics and innovative tooling concepts, Shape is able to manufacture anything from simple, high volume parts to the most highly-technical components or systems.


Customers have access to a range of aluminum manufacturing capabilities including stretch bending, piercing and machining, heat treating and welding. Shape continues to apply its metal forming expertise, supply chain strategy and proven full service approach to bring new innovations to material selection, design and processing of aluminum components. Growing partnership with global aluminum suppliers positions Shape for continued growth in their aluminum business.


Shape’s global manufacturing capabilities are supported by world-class welding and assembly. Automated robotic weld cells are a critical element of the manufacturing process across Shape’s global footprint. Several types of welding operations are available including: resistance welding, laser welding, induction welding, seam welding, MIG welding and TIG welding.