Shape utilizes linear and curved pultrusion to deliver tailored composite solutions. Each component is custom engineered in-house with special attention being paid to resin and material selection. Contact Shape’s composites team to learn more about the company’s lightweight, high-performance composite solutions.

The Radius Pultrusion™ process offers numerous benefits for those seeking advanced composite solutions. The curved pultruded profiles created using Radius Pultrusion unlock an array of new applications in a variety of markets, including automotive, infrastructure, agriculture, and aerospace.

  • Closed section: A closed section offers customers a stronger profile, leading to increased torsional stiffness and performance. Reduced mass and cost can also be achieved through closed section design.
  • Multi-Hollow profiles: Improves lightweighting, section stability and crush performance.
  • High volume: Pultrusion provides all the benefits of a continuous process without the need for additional labor or floor space.
  • Variable length: Varying lengths can be produced from the same tooling.
  • Curved components: Adding curvature increases flexibility in the design of end products, and unlocks new applications for composites.


Nearly any type of fiber can be used within Shape’s pultrusion processes, including unidirectional, biaxial, triaxial and even quadaxial reinforcements. Carbon fiber, E-glass, S-glass, A-glass, aramid, basalt and other natural fibers are among the tailored laments Shape has experience with.

Each product solution goes through extensive engineering, testing and review to ensure the right fabrics are selected to optimize performance, mass and cost. In addition, Shape works closely suppliers like Vectorply, Composites One and SGL Group to provide a robust and cutting edge catalog of fabrics.



A nearly endless variety of custom formulated thermoset resin systems, including polyurethane and epoxy formulations, are compatible with Shape’s pultrusion technology. To bring more flexibility to customers Shape partners with top industry suppliers like BASF, Scott Bader, Huntsman and Covestro on resin system development.

Shape’s global product design teams are capable of helping customers at all levels of the development process. The company’s robust technical services include:

  • Global in-house CAD
  • Global in-house CAE
  • Physical Test Lab

Shape’s expertise and capabilities don’t end after cutoff. As part of their environmentally controlled manufacturing facility the Shape composites team can perform a number of secondary operations, including:

  • CNC machining
  • Post curing capabilities
  • Automated assembly
  • Automated adhesive application
  • Advanced GD&T and gauging techniques