Shape is divided into multiple business units so each customer receives responsive service from a consistent team of associates. At the business unit level, our engineers serve a single customer as a fully dedicated resource. By working closely with only one customer, engineers become invested in both the challenge and the solution.

Because of these daily customer interactions, our business unit engineers are skilled communicators and collaborators, capable of bringing creative ideas to life. Business unit relationships also lead to a detailed understanding of the mechanics behind your business; bringing efficiency, trust and proactive solutions to your doorstep. At times, Shape engineers are directly embedded with customers, serving as a valuable on-site engineering resource.


With customer performance targets serving as a constant, Shape’s business unit engineering teams work to develop the right balance between mass and cost. Striking an optimized combination is made easier because of the close-working relationships Shape has with each customer. At Shape it’s more than just business, it’s personal.

Contact Shape to learn more about how business units make you more than just a customer.

  • Complete development team for engineering, design and analysis
  • Product development engineers, product designers and CAE engineers
  • Process and material specialists
  • Deep understanding of customer history, processes and requirements
  • 24-hour development capability for engineering, design and analysis
  • Global support
  • Guest engineering available