Shape is recognized worldwide as a premier aluminum extruder, fabricator and finisher; capable of producing the most difficult, complex and intricate extrusions available. Unlike most extrusion companies, Shape is a fully integrated supplier of aluminum extrusions, engineering and fabrication services.

Shape’s 5,000 and 3,300 ton extrusion presses enables a wide range of size, weight and tolerance requirements that other extruders cannot achieve. With two presses, Shape has unmatched flexibility and extrusion capabilities, and can extrude very large profiles, up to 16 inches in circle size, or very small profiles, down to one-half-inch circle size, with precise tolerance.


  • Designed for large, close tolerance, complex profiles
  • 11” (279mm) & 14” (356mm) container
  • Unique quench system
  • Alloys:6000, 6060, 6063, 6005, 6005A, 6061, 6351, 7000
  • Max Circle Size: 16.00” (406mm)
  • Max Height: 10.00” (254mm)
  • Max Width: 16.00” (406mm)
  • Max Weight: 25.0 Lbs. / Ft. (37.2kg/m)


  • Designed for close tolerance, high strength material
  • Advanced quench system
  • Performance & efficiency
  • 9” (229mm) container
  • Alloys: 6000, 6060 6063 6061 6005 6005A, 6082, 7000, etc.
  • Max Circle Size: 13.00” (330mm)
  • Max Height: 8.00” (203mm)
  • Max Width: 13.00” (330mm)
  • Max Weight: 7.0 Lbs. / Ft. (10.4kg/m)

Our engineers specialize in creating complex and tight-tolerance extrusions of the toughest shapes in the industry. Our strong relationship with tool manufacturers and the expertise of our talented die correctors assists us in detecting the slightest performance changes almost instantly to create flawless extrusions.

Unlike most extruders, we offer complete fabrication and finishing services. Our total control of the entire development process ensures your products achieve peak quality. In addition, our
state-of-the-art CNC machining centers make sure your parts are precision crafted eliminating the need for subcontractors saving company time and money on your next project.

Our engineers can help design the best parts for your purpose ranging from profiles at half an inch all the way up to 16 inches in diameter, creating some of the most complex and tightest-tolerance extrusions in the industry. Our goal is to add as much value to every extrusion as possible.

Exceeding standards to make sure our products and services are safe and reliable. We have achieved IATF 16949:2016 Certification – the global automotive standard developed by representatives of all major automotive manufacturers in the world. Given our commitment to environmental stewardship, we have also achieved ISO 14001:2015 Certification.