Shape Corp. Celebrates 50 Years of Innovation and Excellence in the Automotive Industry

Shape Corp., a global tier-1 automotive supplier known for its innovative approach in the development of body-in-white and structural components, is proud to announce its year-long celebration in honor of the company’s 50th anniversary. Themed “Founding 50 to Future 50,” the celebration not only pays tribute to the Shape’s rich history and purpose of shaping technology, shaping lives, and shaping communities since its inception in 1974, but also serves as a springboard for future advancements. This includes pioneering new technology developments, expanding capabilities in the body-in-white space and deepening new and existing partnerships to drive future opportunities.

“Over the past five decades, Shape has not only been at the forefront of the automotive industry but has also been a pillar in fostering community growth and development,” said Mark White, President and CEO of Shape Corp. “Our 50th anniversary is not just a celebration of our past achievements, but a beacon for future innovation and community engagement.”

As part of the anniversary celebrations, Shape is launching a global volunteer initiative – “Shape the Future: 50 Acts of Giving for 50 Years.” This ambitious program will involve all of Shape’s regional and global divisions in undertaking 50 localized volunteer projects around the world, reflecting the company’s long-established commitment to community service initiatives.

“The ‘Shape the Future’ initiative is a testament to our enduring values of respect, development, excellence, community, and accountability,” said Tony and Kyle Verplank, executive board chairs and second generation to founders Gary and Midge Verplank. “Through this initiative, we aim to give back to the communities that have been instrumental in our success.”

Since its founding, Shape has experienced significant growth and diversification. Beginning as a producer of roll-formed parts for the office furniture industry, the company has evolved into a global leader in lightweighting solutions for the automotive sector, constantly pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation. Under the leadership of Mark White, Shape Corp. has expanded its offerings, entered new markets, and committed to sustainable and socially responsible business practices.

The anniversary celebrations will include a series of global celebrations throughout 2024, designed to engage employees, customers, stakeholders, and community members. These events will showcase Shape’s journey from its founding days to its current standing as an industry leader and vision for the future.

About Shape Corp.

Founded in 1974, Shape Corp. is a global leader in engineering and manufacturing, providing advanced solutions in lightweight materials, specializing in body-in-white and structural components using advanced manufacturing technologies. Committed to innovation, sustainability, and community engagement, Shape Corp. looks forward to shaping the next 50 years of automotive excellence.