Shape’s Advanced Bumper Technology: Elevating Vehicle Design and Crash Safety

Shape Corp. has led the way in roll forming, consistently delivering value with ultra-high-strength steel and engineered profiles. In response to our customers’ demand for tighter swept bumper beams, we’re excited to introduce our latest development—an inline variable, tight-radius sweeping technology capable of curving martensitic bumpers to meet challenging new targets. This innovation allows for continuous roll-formed profiles to extend further outboard beyond the front rail without compromising vehicle styling.

“Our latest bumper sweeping technology meets customer needs and enhances safety and efficiency simultaneously,” says Joe Matecki, Advanced Product Development Engineer at Shape Corp.

Breaking Through Limitations

Over a decade ago, Shape made a significant mark with the introduction of variable radius (VR2) in-line sweeping. Our latest technology represents a step change improvement, effectively addressing challenges associated with impact energy management in the IIHS Small Overlap and MPDB (Mobile Progressive Deformable Barrier) impacts.

Collaboration and Simulation: A Team Effort

At Shape, we’ve been pioneers in using computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools for crash simulation for over two decades. This core competency, initially supporting product design, is now instrumental in developing innovative processes and specialty equipment. The development of our groundbreaking sweeping technology was a collaborative effort, heavily inspired by CAE, and involved a cross-functional team comprising CAE, process, tooling, and manufacturing engineers.

Beyond Expectations: The Results of Initial Trials

Our tight-radius sweep project is a milestone for Shape, exemplifying the potential of CAE for specialty equipment, tooling, and process design. It underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional results and exceeding customer expectations

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